Life’s Equation and the need for a world wide condemnation

some of us are overlooking another accomplice to the horrible murders in Itamar.
our country, that for some reason decides it’s a good idea to let Israeli citizens live (illegally) smack in the middle of a war zone. we can rage all we want at the Palestinians, but our elected government are the ones letting this happen. do we really think those murderous SOB’s who did this care the slightest bit about world wide condemnation?? that’s just wishful thinking. it’s up to us to end this, with least casualties on both sides (that means correcting the past wrongs and pulling out). we are responsible for this as well. this might sound a little extreme to some, but if we think about it and analyze the situation – we’d realize there is truth in what I say.

all in all, the Palestinian have a pretty sweet deal! some of them are willing to murder children for land, and some of us are willing to let kids die for land. I think it’s appalling how the righties in our government are demanding new housing unit be built in Itamar for each child slain. what a great trade off!! condemn that. condemn pictures of slain children with open throats and hollow eyes being used in our Hasbara, we are even losing our moral grounds that way and no better then them in that respect.
using murders as a reason to further illegally occupy and jepordise more and more Israeli citizens is stupid, immoral and criminal.

further more, tens of thousands are losing their lives in Japan, hundreds of thousands are dying in Africa, why do we think the world *should* care more about what happening here, what *exactly* do we want them to do?
FYI most western governments issued statements severely condemning these murders already.
do we really expect them to say, “well! these people are murdered by animals so let’s let them continue building in settlements and kill every Palestinian”? that’s what’s behind this call for further condemnation.

We can only relay on ourselves in this matter. we are the only ones who can solve this for us. it’s our government putting these people there. OUR government who thinks the equation:
“Jewish children lives = MORE LAND”
is a legitimate one, all in the name of what? religious aspirations??
are we really that different from the ones we are fighting than?
so I ask! are our fingers pointed at ALL the right directions?
which direction can WE actually point and DEMAND actions made to prevent this from ever happening in the future?
Pull out. I think we would all agree that a 10 foot fortified concrete wall is way more defensible than a flimsy chain fence a stone throw from Nablus.

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On Hamas and the Palestinian Refugee problem

Upon reading the Hamas Charter and let’s agree that most disturbing paragraphs are those calling to holy war on any non-Muslim jurisdiction that exists over an area they consider was formerly Muslim land, for that matter – Israel and in the greater picture the Ottoman Empire which once spanned over much of Europe.

let’s look at it in the micro. Even if we reach an agreement for 2-state separation with the Palestinians, it is clear that under the Convention that Hamas will not accept nor respect non Muslim authority it will continue his work of “jihad” to marginalize further and further any regime of a non-Muslim state under the waqf law. Hamas, as a very strong social body in addition to being a religious order – is not going to disappear unless the Palestinian society find or found a substitute for it’s social properties. The chances of that happening given that massive are funds given by countries advocating the same ideas, are as rich as they come, in addition to the fact that the alternative that exists today (PLO) is corrupt to the core, is slim to none.

The conclusion I come to is that unfortunately, it is quite possible that Mr. Lieberman is right. Peace will not be here so soon, not in the coming years anyway. Does it matter if the organization is truly representing the population or not? I think the answer is not relevant. At the end, after 62 years I still fight for our existence here. We will continue to fight as long as significant entities are financed by countries who as their main agenda, have flagged the idea of destroying a non-Muslim rule on a formerly Islam controlled land. Let’s not get confused, the Palestinian problem, then, is not only a refugee problem but primarily a religious issue.

Since this is of a religious Islamic nature, Judaism or Israel cannot take a side or act on it. it is an inner Islamic and Palestinian problem. I’m not saying there is no refugee problem. I’m not even saying it’s a problem Israel has no part of. But let’s remember a few things: Most Palestinian refugees chose to abandon their homes in 48′, mainly because they thought that five Arab armies will, sweep the Zionist enemy from their lands and they could return happy and good-hearted. However! It did not happen. Armies arrived, and failed miserably. You would expect that these refugees as happened to many times in the past will be absorbed in countries where culture and heritage is close and even identical dare I say – countries such as Jordan (who actually absorbed tens of thousands of Palestinians, but not before committed a number of massacres), Syria, Lebanon. By the way, these people in Jordan are still considered “refugees.” Strange, do not you think?

Let’s remember that the Palestinians are the only refugee status that is hereditary out over generations. We also note also that, according to the UN Convention there are two types of refugees. For a “standard refugee” there is an expectation and obligation of surrounding countries to absorb and revoke their refugee status. It’s happening in Europe nowadays. On the other hand there is the “Palestinian refugee” status that is inherited and unlimited through the ages. We note also that the treatment of the Palestinian refugee problem alone surprisingly gave rise to a special UN body, unlike the Sudanese refugees, the Kurds and in fact any refugees of other nationality. The body is of course UNRWA.

I must ask myself, why this double standard? Is this about the extensive funding the UN and UNRWA receive from Muslim countries and bodies? Is it about that old Jew hatred and the resulting constant Zionism lashing that has become so popular today? It is hate so deeply rooted? Allah knows.

I do not wash Zionism’s hands from responsibility, when we think back as to what has happened after ’67, but I also remember that the problem could be resolved long before that if the refugees were absorbed in other countries as they should have. Why it did not happen? Returning again to the religious Islamic hegemony notion regarding the occupied territories. Muslim countries will not accept a world that was, in their view, conquered from Muslims. Previously, they had no choice. Stronger states had bordered them and they had no tools to cope. Islamic leaders sat down to think and came up with a solution – let us trick them. We will use their precious morals against them… The result we see today.
Islam span in Europe
considering the higher birth rates muslims tend to have – No wonder they are so nervous about their way of life. Bodies are also constructed and defined “international” entirely from oil money generated by Islamic finance interest groups.

 A 13-story mosque will be erected, like a giant middle finger directly across from Ground Zero, where radical Islam has killed over 3,000 people. This is allowed on behalf of the western arguments and morals which include “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion practice”. This freedom, by the way, is not shared by 95% of Islamic countries. Hypocrisy? Let the reader decide. If we try to compare this to history, we find that this act – the establishment of a mosque in an area after having destroyed the previous symbol … is not exactly new. Al Aqsa Mosque and the Rock Dome. They were not erected on Judaism’s most sacred place after the destruction of the Second Temple by chance. This directive resulted from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

What I’m trying to say is is that source of conflict is not the displacement or the Nak’kba. This conflict is religious. This conflict is about Islamic hegemony in the area. The refugee problem should have been long gone and absorbed in neighboring Arab countries that played a major part in creating it. the refugee status denied because there was no need of it. Ultimately, the problem is complex and should include a regional solution, not a solution handed by Israel. Arab countries have always repudiated their responsibilities and blamed the “Zionist” devil.

Back to Hamas. Hamas’s Islamic portion still represents the spirit of Islam. it will not go simply go away after Palestinians are given a country. it will always fight Israel. We will always be forced to defend ourselves. It is the responsibility of the Palestinians to restrain and control violent-extremist factions within them, just as it is our responsibility to restrain settlements, Baruch Marzel and his alike. We are pretty “successful” in this whilst They never really tried, at least not until recently … and it’s not really working out for them. And so, we have to be vigilant and present in force.

Does any Israeli government have the right to come and say “Well, you tried”, tap on their shoulder and give up all the cards in her hands thus risking its citizens in exposure to jihad? Perhaps! – on behalf of Jewish ethics, advanced morals, Western ones – if you’d like. Keep in mind though, no other responsible country or organziation western or not, will dare doing so.

Will it be wise then, knowing that hope the situation will change following a concession agreement is barren of all content (see a unilateral separation from Gaza). Absolutely not!

We must first get guarantees for our own safety, ones which include all the major factions like Hamas who was, may I remind you, Palestinian society *elected* choice in a democratic process. Tell me there was no appropriate alternative (PLO) and I’ll tell you it does not matter NOW. Hamas TODAY is the face of the Gaza after being elected and following the violent coop in 2007.

I remember that as a soldier in the occupied territories in the west bank, I talked to Palestinians about politics quite often and was shocked to realize that despite all the suffering Hamas’s Policy and views had caused them, they would still choose it. Realize that Palestinians will forever be damned to suffer under the heel of radical Islam, and Israel as a result, unless they help themselves. Also Realize and understand that radical Islam will always win power struggles when those do occur. It comes down to the fact they have “no God” when it come to power and control as happened in 2007.

In conclusion, while it might seem like I do, I do not rule out a Palestinian identity. The Palestinians are an Arab nation. What unites them is their refugee identity. This union was created artificially by Arab states actions, the United Nations and Israel – but it exists today nonetheless. This is the only manner they differ from the Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqis and other neighboring Arab countries. Is it enough to grant them autonomy where none existed before?

Personally, I think so – if only to make amends and give a slight chance towards a better future.

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Hello world!

Hello world! This is The Oddiverse.

First – an introduction. Earth. A Mass of Stardust. What a strange name for a planet! This blue globe has hosted many forms of life over the ages and saw many of them become extinct only to give rise to another. As billions of years went by a new form of life emerged from the dust… this life form had evolved and diversified into many unique and distinct species. One such species developed self awareness and became capable of higher thought thus distinguishing himself from all of his predecessors.

This species was known, simply put, As the HUMAN species. The Humans (so were named members of that particular species), with the help of individuals who made leaps of thought, started questioning their existence and began changing the world around them to better suit their survival needs. with the help of an evolved cortex the effect they had on Earth was Massive. for the first time, the delicate balance was broken and a species become Omnipotent. however, as we all know… “With great power comes great responsibility”…

or do we?

This chain of events eventually gave birth to “The Oddiverse”.

The Oddiverse is not an abstract as some of you may get confused, nor it is a place as other might think. The Oddiverse is the voice of A HUMAN. Like many of you out there, this Man grew weary of consuming relentlessly, accepting the so called “inevitability” in our daily lives, unquestionably, not capable of taking any more leaps. With his voice, sailing across the cyberspace, this man shares that which he finds funny, sad, interesting and absurd, on our little Slice of existence – and beyond. whatever he finds worth sharing with you – citizens of the Earth, you can hear & see (who knows what else in the future?). Eventually, he hopes, You will ALL come to understand that we live in an Odd Universe. Most of us out there have come to accept it, claiming it is the “rule of the Jungle”, the natural state of things, the RIGHT and only way. falling unknowingly into a pit of desperation and indifference.

The Oddiverse is here to Challenge your understanding. It can’t be THE RIGHT WAY! simply because so much of it is WRONG. some things are worth preserving, but it’s time to let go of our differences and tend to the numerous wrongs wrought by ignorance, by a void that can be filled in each and every one of us, providing we have enough courage to step up and overcome our fear of change. of leaping.

What an Odd Universe indeed.

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