Hello world!

Hello world! This is The Oddiverse.

First – an introduction. Earth. A Mass of Stardust. What a strange name for a planet! This blue globe has hosted many forms of life over the ages and saw many of them become extinct only to give rise to another. As billions of years went by a new form of life emerged from the dust… this life form had evolved and diversified into many unique and distinct species. One such species developed self awareness and became capable of higher thought thus distinguishing himself from all of his predecessors.

This species was known, simply put, As the HUMAN species. The Humans (so were named members of that particular species), with the help of individuals who made leaps of thought, started questioning their existence and began changing the world around them to better suit their survival needs. with the help of an evolved cortex the effect they had on Earth was Massive. for the first time, the delicate balance was broken and a species become Omnipotent. however, as we all know… “With great power comes great responsibility”…

or do we?

This chain of events eventually gave birth to “The Oddiverse”.

The Oddiverse is not an abstract as some of you may get confused, nor it is a place as other might think. The Oddiverse is the voice of A HUMAN. Like many of you out there, this Man grew weary of consuming relentlessly, accepting the so called “inevitability” in our daily lives, unquestionably, not capable of taking any more leaps. With his voice, sailing across the cyberspace, this man shares that which he finds funny, sad, interesting and absurd, on our little Slice of existence – and beyond. whatever he finds worth sharing with you – citizens of the Earth, you can hear & see (who knows what else in the future?). Eventually, he hopes, You will ALL come to understand that we live in an Odd Universe. Most of us out there have come to accept it, claiming it is the “rule of the Jungle”, the natural state of things, the RIGHT and only way. falling unknowingly into a pit of desperation and indifference.

The Oddiverse is here to Challenge your understanding. It can’t be THE RIGHT WAY! simply because so much of it is WRONG. some things are worth preserving, but it’s time to let go of our differences and tend to the numerous wrongs wrought by ignorance, by a void that can be filled in each and every one of us, providing we have enough courage to step up and overcome our fear of change. of leaping.

What an Odd Universe indeed.

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