Life’s Equation and the need for a world wide condemnation

some of us are overlooking another accomplice to the horrible murders in Itamar.
our country, that for some reason decides it’s a good idea to let Israeli citizens live (illegally) smack in the middle of a war zone. we can rage all we want at the Palestinians, but our elected government are the ones letting this happen. do we really think those murderous SOB’s who did this care the slightest bit about world wide condemnation?? that’s just wishful thinking. it’s up to us to end this, with least casualties on both sides (that means correcting the past wrongs and pulling out). we are responsible for this as well. this might sound a little extreme to some, but if we think about it and analyze the situation – we’d realize there is truth in what I say.

all in all, the Palestinian have a pretty sweet deal! some of them are willing to murder children for land, and some of us are willing to let kids die for land. I think it’s appalling how the righties in our government are demanding new housing unit be built in Itamar for each child slain. what a great trade off!! condemn that. condemn pictures of slain children with open throats and hollow eyes being used in our Hasbara, we are even losing our moral grounds that way and no better then them in that respect.
using murders as a reason to further illegally occupy and jepordise more and more Israeli citizens is stupid, immoral and criminal.

further more, tens of thousands are losing their lives in Japan, hundreds of thousands are dying in Africa, why do we think the world *should* care more about what happening here, what *exactly* do we want them to do?
FYI most western governments issued statements severely condemning these murders already.
do we really expect them to say, “well! these people are murdered by animals so let’s let them continue building in settlements and kill every Palestinian”? that’s what’s behind this call for further condemnation.

We can only relay on ourselves in this matter. we are the only ones who can solve this for us. it’s our government putting these people there. OUR government who thinks the equation:
“Jewish children lives = MORE LAND”
is a legitimate one, all in the name of what? religious aspirations??
are we really that different from the ones we are fighting than?
so I ask! are our fingers pointed at ALL the right directions?
which direction can WE actually point and DEMAND actions made to prevent this from ever happening in the future?
Pull out. I think we would all agree that a 10 foot fortified concrete wall is way more defensible than a flimsy chain fence a stone throw from Nablus.

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