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Life’s Equation and the need for a world wide condemnation

some of us are overlooking another accomplice to the horrible murders in Itamar. our country, that for some reason decides it’s a good idea to let Israeli citizens live (illegally) smack in the middle of a war zone. we can … Continue reading

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On Hamas and the Palestinian Refugee problem

Upon reading the Hamas Charter and let’s agree that most disturbing paragraphs are those calling to holy war on any non-Muslim jurisdiction that exists over an area they consider was formerly Muslim land, for that matter – Israel and in … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello world!¬†This is The¬†Oddiverse. First – an introduction. Earth. A Mass of Stardust. What a strange name for a planet! This blue globe has hosted many forms of life over the ages and saw many of them become extinct only … Continue reading

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